Press Release, March 2019

Monaco Rare Coins is Now Adam Crum’s Finest Known

Specializing in Exquisite Historic Rarities

After over 20 years as one of the country’s premier high-end retail coin companies, Monaco Rare Coins is proud to announce its new direction and expansion into a full-service numismatic and precious metals coin company. Adam Crum, the head of Monaco Rare Coins since its inception in 1998, has developed several strategic partnerships to access the largest array of modern, ancient, and rare coins the market has to offer to form Adam Crum’s Finest Known.

Adam is respected as one of the greatest luminaries of the modern coin market. His vision has helped mold some of the most successful marketing campaigns to ever grace the rare coin marketplace. These programs have resulted in multiple awards and have proven to be fundamentally unique to the rare coin market.

These new partnerships will allow Adam Crum’s Finest Known to provide the full range of coin services that today’s sophisticated customers increasingly demand. Adam knew that his company needed to innovate and evolve to compete and lead in today’s new market place, so he sought out a major wholesaler that he has known as a friend and business associate for decades to form Finest Known, LLC. This new partnership instantly strengthens the company’s infrastructure, provides access to a greater and more varied inventory than ever before, and dramatically expands the reach of the company’s network.

Combined, the new leadership team has over 150 years of experience in numismatics. Adam Crum, the President of Finest Known, is an award winning and critically acclaimed numismatic author and one of the most renowned experts in the hobby. He is also an annual contributor to the Guide Book of United States Coins. His new partners are among the most respected and well-known traders in the business, winners of an array of accolades in the industry, with experience and networks throughout the world.

Finest Known is also excited to launch its state-of-the-art website in April 2019. The new site,, will feature a vast array inventory, buy-it-now offerings and eventually a 24/7 online auction for coins consigned by collectors, investors, and dealers. Finest Known will also be featuring live auctions, with the first one slated for Fall 2019, and more planned in 2020. The site also will further Adam’s vision of education and allow its users access to a wealth of knowledge and marketing expertise which provides a real backbone for the entire industry through its proprietary and exclusive online Numismatic University. Further, it will provide a window to view one of the largest rare coin inventories ever assembled, in stock and ready to ship.

Finest Known, fulfilling Adam Crum’s vision for a truly full service coin company, with its tremendous and unparalleled access to suppliers around the globe, as well as, its knowledgeable and veteran staff, now more than ever has the resources to represent any level of collector or investor, whether clients are looking to build onto their existing portfolios or to monetize any size collection.

For questions, anyone may contact Finest Known at 888-900-9948 or email at