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Well, I have never been more impressed with the level of customer service in my life. I have been a small business owner for 45 years and 110% grade in customer service has been my goal from day 1. The level of customer service I received was at a 200% level and that is me grading with a 45 year old businessman’s eyes. IT WAS IMPRESSIVE!!! My Account Representative, Vincent Cao was first class and requested I return the coin immediately and he would personally hand pick a replacement coin for me. At this level I would say Monaco earned a 110% satisfaction grade but then I received a call and email from a gentleman in customer service, and this man absolutely bent over backwards to make sure I was better than perfectly satisfied with the replacement coin and he and I spoke about coins for over an hour and I felt like he was treating me like his best friend. He practically made me want to but another gold coin from him immediately (I mean on the spot) but he said no (he couldn’t sell me one anyway) and he wanted me to learn more about the coins I was interested in so he sent me a few emails with plenty of reading material for an exciting rainy weekend of reading. I will always call Monaco first when I’m ready to again add to my collection. Please believe me, these folks at Monaco are the real deal and I can say that confidently because the company leaders have shown me that they care more about the customers experience than the sale. Now I feel the need to improve my level of customer service even more in my own business and try hard to someday match the 200% grade I give them.

Dan Caffoe, PGA Life Member – March 2018