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Authentic SSCA-2, 1.5 Grams, $1 “Pinch” 1857 Gold Rush Nuggets

Includes 2 Books & Free Shipping

 Only 1,857 produced     SSCA Pedigree
 1.5 Grams 1857 Gold     Bob Evans Signature
 $1 “Pinch” of Gold          FREE New SSCA Book
 Gold Rush Nuggets        FREE New SSCA Book
 PCGS Certified                FREE Secure Shipping

$100 Value, FREE, with the Purchase of the SSCA Gold Treasure Nuggets

Ship of Gold Lost

162 years ago, on September 12th, 1857, the S.S. Central America sunk in a Category 2 hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas, taking the lives of 425 men and over 4,700 pounds of California Gold Rush gold, 8,000 feet below the Atlantic Ocean. The 153 survivors, primarily women and children, told horrific, yet heroic stories of the greatest peacetime maritime disaster in American history. The sinking of “The Ship of Gold,” triggered the “Panic of 1857,” and contributed to the deepest depression of the 19th Century both economically and emotionally.

Greatest Treasure Ever Found

Exactly 130 years later, on September 11, 1987, the fabled “Ship of Gold,” was finally discovered by a ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle), operated by the Columbus-America Discovery Group of Ohio. The first recovery resulted in over 7,000 newly minted coins and several hundred large gold ingots, to the delight of numismatic collectors and investors. The second recovery in 2014 brought to light the discovery of broad array of coinage from Gold Rush pioneers, like California Fractional Gold, a wide-variety of mid-19th Century U.S. Coinage, Rare Gold Monetary Ingots, and World coins from Europe, Central and South America and Australia, carried by immigrant passengers, with many of the coins being Finest Known examples discovered, from being in a time capsule for over a 160 years.  Another fascinating find was authentic raw gold nuggets from the California Gold Fields, mined by the 49’er Prospectors from the California Gold Rush.


SSCA-2 Pinch of Gold Rush Nuggets

1.5 Grams, One Dollar of 1857 California Gold
You can now own a legendary piece of American history, with original and authenticated Gold Nuggets from the California Gold Rush that have been recovered from the Ocean floor. These Genuine Gold Rush Treasure Nuggets sunk in 1857 aboard the famed S.S. Central America where they were preserved at the bottom of the ocean along with hundreds of millions of dollars of United States Gold Coins and Ingots.
With a limited availability of 1,857 pieces, each 1.5 grams of gold represents one dollar of 1857 God Rush Nuggets, that are encapsulated, authenticated and certified by PCGS, with the Pedigree from the SS Central America “Ship of Gold,” and includes the signature of Bob Evans, the SSCA Chief Scientist who was integral to the discovery and recovery.

Treasure Set Limited Offer

Renowned Numismatic Author, Q. David Bowers, with Dwight N. Manley, Managing Partner of the California Gold Marketing Group, responsible for bringing the treasure to the market, have released their new book… “America’s Greatest Treasure Ship: The SS Central America” ($49.95 Value). This amazing 224 page, full color hardback book, chronicles the California Gold Rush and gold as money, the SSCA ill-fated voyage, 1980’s first recovery with Chief Scientist, Bob Evans, his 2014 return and second treasure recovery, including many fascinating secrets never disclosed, until now!
Also included is the 2002 S.S. Central America Collector’s Edition Guidebook of United States Coins “Redbook” ($35 value), PLUS Free Shipping and Handling ($15 Value). If you aren’t completely moved when you hold this historic Gold Treasure in your hands, then return it for a full refund and keep the two books as our gift.
Act Now and Receive this $100 Added Value, FREE, While Supplies Last!

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