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Goldback Trading Packs

Goldback Trading Packs are one of the best ways to purchase Goldbacks for sale… buying them in quantity for convenience and savings. Goldback Trading Packs contain a mix of the five denominations equaling 5,000 in Goldbacks, that are neatly stacked and banded for easy storage.

Each Goldback contains a fixed amount of pure .999 fine gold based on their denominations. Available in Utah, Nevada, and New Hampshire Goldback Trading Packs.

Each Trading Pack includes: 1,000 units of 1 Goldbacks containing 1/1000th ounces of gold each, 200 units of 5 Goldbacks with 1/200th oz. each, 100 units of 10 Goldbacks with 1/100th oz. each, 40 units of 25 Goldbacks with 1/40th oz each, and 20 units of 50 Goldbacks with 1/20th ounces of gold each.

Goldback Combo Stacks an also available in 3 state releases (UT, NV, NH) containing on of each of the 5 denominations, totaling 15 Goldbacks, with a combined total of 273 in Goldback denominations. Goldbacks are real money, a tangible asset, that is highly liquid, and a hedge against inflation… Goldbacks are as good as gold!