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Utah Goldbacks

Utah Goldbacks was the very first local, voluntary currency, made of beautiful, spendable, .999 fine physical Gold, that vendors can choose to accept for transactions. In 2011, the Utah Legal Tender Act was passed, recognizing gold as currency. In late 2019, the Utah Goldback series was released to the excitement of Collectors and Investors, who were interested in a truly revolutionary gold product.

They loved the idea of owning a beautiful circulating interchangeable gold currency, that can be used as real money to barter and purchase goods, or to store as physical, spendable wealth. Utah Goldbacks come in five denominations containing precise amounts of pure .999 gold, each with unique designs reflecting Utah’s rich history.

The “1 Goldback” contains 1/1000th ounces of gold with the Prudentiae (Prudence) design, the 5 Goldback has 1/200th ounces and Veritas (Truth) design, the 10 Goldback has 1/100th ounces, and Justitia (Justice) design, the 25 Goldback has 1/40th ounces and Victoria (Victory) design, and the 50 Goldback has 1/20th of an ounce of gold with the Liberty (Libertas) design. Goldbacks are a new and innovative way to own a gold tangible asset at an affordable price point.