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New Hampshire Goldbacks

New Hampshire Goldbacks are the third in the series, released in 2021. New Hampshire Goldbacks for sale are voluntary negotiable instrument that come in five .999 fine 24k gold denominations. These Goldbacks feature exquisite artwork corresponding to New Hampshire history during the colonial era and the Revolutionary War, reflective of New Hampshire’s rich Early American history.

The “1 Goldback” contains 1/1000th ounces of gold with the Gratia design, the 5 Goldback has 1/200th ounces and Veritas design, the 10 Goldback has 1/100th ounces, and Prospicientia design, the 25 Goldback has 1/40th ounces and Fortitudine design, and the 50 Goldback has 1/20th of an ounce of gold with the Libertas design. Collectors love Goldbacks because they are an affordable way to assemble a collection, and are also available in PNG certified, graded holders.

Investors love the flexibility of the 24K gold foil Aurum notes as a liquid tangible asset that is private and portable for convenient storage of wealth and hedge against future inflation. Every Goldback is assigned a unique serial number, date, and security features on the reverse of the gold note. Collect for fun, stash for cash, or for gifts or tips… Goldbacks got your back!