Gold Coin Proof Sets

Gold Coin Proof Sets from the United States Mint are responsible for getting many people started in Coin Collecting when they received their first U.S. Mint Proof Sets as memorable gifts in their youth.

Over the last 85 years since their inception in 1936, Gold Proof Sets have been responsible for many hours of delight for people of all ages, young and old.

The Gold American Eagles Proof Sets were first minted in 1986, and are issued by the West Point Mint in 1/10-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 1/2-ounce, and 1-ounce issues, totaling 1.85 troy ounces of 22k gold. “Proof,” refers to the minting process, not the coin’s actual condition. Gold Proof Sets are not intended for circulation, they are specifically made for Collectors, struck with strict quality standards.

Gold Proof sets reflect the U.S. Mint’s finest coinage minted for eye appeal and strike quality, with sharp details and brilliant mirror-like surfaces. Proof coins demand higher premiums than regular business strikes, which pale in comparison to proof issues. Gold Proof Sets for sale are some of the wisest investments for savvy bullion buyers, coin collectors, and metals investors.

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