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Gold Notes

Gold Notes are some of the hottest new gold products in the market today, from the popular Goldbacks for sale, to various Gold Notes, gold documents, and even Legal Tender currency, issued by foreign governments. Gold Notes are made using Aurum gold technology, the world’s newest gold manufacturing process, that lays down pure gold between thin layers of special patented polymer sheets, atom by atom, resulting in the highest standard of design precision, visual elegance, and gold note durability, that bends like paper notes.

he Aurum gold technology paves the way for timeless, collectible gold note issues with full-color, high-resolution graphics and text in pure 24k gold. Gold Note examples include Replica Gold Notes that have the appearance of historic banknotes, a 1 Gram Buffalo Gold Note, a Lady Liberty 1/10 Gram Gold Note, and a life-sized Declaration of Independence. Recently, the Ghana Government-issued Aurum 24K Legal Tender Gold Banknote, The Liberty gold Cedi, issued by the Bank of Ghana, commemorating African Liberty. Aurum Gold Notes are the smallest, most accurate, and verifiable unit of gold currently available on the global market.