Gold Rounds

Gold Rounds are another popular way of owning gold as a liquid tangible asset for investors, as a portfolio diversification tool for wealth protection in times of looming inflation and potential financial crisis. Gold Rounds are considered a compromise between buying gold bars and gold coins. Gold Rounds for sale are available in various sizes, from as small as 1/20th of an ounce up to large 5-ounce Rounds, and even more, available with various designs.

To prevent counterfeiting, Gold Rounds cannot be manufactured with the exact dimensions and weight of any coin created anywhere in the world to avoid counterfeiting. Gold Rounds are minted by private mints not by sovereign government mints, so they are not legal tender. They have no face value but are marked with their weight and purity. They do not have the higher premiums many Gold Bullion Coins carry, making them a low-cost option for Gold Bullion Investors. Gold Rounds are widely traded in bullion markets and are trusted for their weight and purity despite being made by private mints. Since their value is based solely on Precious Metal content, Gold Rounds are a great value as an investment metal.

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