Gold Bullion Bars by Weight

Gold Bullion Bars are some of the most popular precious metals vehicles for investing in gold, because they come in a variety of sizes, fineness and designs. The most common sizes for Gold Bars are 1 oz and 10 oz bars, but they can vary from small 1 gram bars that weigh about the same as a paperclip and are the size of an office pushpin, to large 1 kilo bars that weigh as much as a bottle of water and are about the size of an iPhone.

In comparison, the single, largest physical gold investment bar is a 400 oz. ‘Good Delivery’ Gold Bar, and weighs as much as Mountain Bike, around 27 pounds. Gold Bullion Bars by weight have a multitude of price points that can fit within almost any budget. Gold bars are manufactured in different millesimal gold purities (or fineness), most ranging between 965 and 999.9 fine 24k gold. The units of weights vary depending on the country, with the gram and troy ounce being the most prominent in English-speaking countries. When buying gold, the term “ounce” refers to “troy ounce”, weighing 31.10 grams, a bit heavier than a regular ounce weighing 28.35 grams.

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