Gold Bars

Gold bullion bars have been a tried-and-true storage of wealth for thousands of years, offering liquidity, security, and peace of mind as a solid tangible asset in both good and bad economic times. Finest Known offers gold bars for sale in many different sizes and weights, from as small as 1 gram up to the gold kilo bar. Many investors buy gold bullions bars (opposed to gold coins) because they are easy to store and convert to cash.

Gold bullion is not tied to fiat currencies and is an alternative to the dollar and stock markets, that can be used as a hedge against inflation during difficult economic times. There are many leading Word Mints that produce gold bars (also known as ingots), such as The Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Credit Suisse/PAMP, Johnson Matthey, Valcambi, and Engelhard, just to name a few. IRS-approved gold bars can be added to tax-advantaged retirement accounts, like approved IRAs and 401k.

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