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American Silver Eagle Proof Coins

Silver American Eagle Proof coins are the United States Mint’s finest coins and are responsible for many new collectors getting started in coin collecting because of their stunning beauty. The term ‘Proof’ refers to the minting process, not the condition of the coin. Proof coins are minted differently than business strike coins and stand out because of their brilliant mirror-like surfaces and sharpness of detail.

American Silver Eagle Proof coins are specially minted using polished and treated planchets (blanks) that are hand-fed into a hydraulic coin press and struck at slow speeds multiple times, with extra high pressure to bring out the coin’s details and highly reflective surfaces. Proof Silver Eagles never touch each other in the minting process. Every coin is carefully inspected with protective gloves to ensure a perfect strike before being released.

A “Cameo Proof” has a frosted design with contrasting mirrored background finishes, with designations such as Ultra Cameo and Deep Proof strikes. Reverse Proof Cameo finishes have mirrored details (devices) and frosted backgrounds (fields). Grading Proof coins is very similar to grading Mint State coins (grades MS60 – MS70), with a “PR” or “PF” attributes (grades PF60 – PF70).