Treasures From The Deep – The 1857 SS Central America Shipwreck and Recovery

Ship of Gold – Passenger Gold Hoard

When the fabled “Ship of Gold” sank in a hurricane off the North Carolina coast in September 1857, it took 424 men and 2.5 tons of California Gold Rush gold to the bottom of the sea. 157 years later in 2014, Odyssey Marine Exploration, using the unmanned ROV, “Zeus” discovered the Purser’s Safe on the ocean floor. It was an accidental time capsule, filled with gold coins and raw gold nuggets.

  • Gold Rush time capsule comes to market.
  • Raw Gold Nuggets from the California Gold Rush.
  • Just over 100 Fractional Gold coins were recovered.
  • Made from hand-crafted dies from notable San Francisco Jewelers.
  • Gold weights are valued in denominations of .25 cents, .50 cents, and $1.
  • Real everyday pocket change of the Gold Rush Pioneers.
The unmanned ROV, “Zeus” discovered the Purser’s Safe filled with the pocket change of the California Gold Rush 49’s.