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Finest Known’s Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Set Collection

The Morgan Silver Dollar is America’s most collected coin, with a rich history that was born out of the old Wild West. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904, and once again in 1921 before retiring as America’s most popular coin. Finest Known has assembled a matching 5-Piece Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Set, containing one example from each of the five U.S. Mints that struck Morgan Dollars.
Presenting The Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Set Collection, 5 Mintmarks from the First Date to Last Date – Including the Only Double Mintmark Ever Struck by U.S. Mint!

Morgan Memories

These big, beautiful silver dollars conjure up images of cowboys and saloon poker games, outlaws and stagecoach robberies, casino slot machines and honky-tonks of the past.  Born out of the rich silver mines of Nevada that turned small mining camps into large bustling cities full of promise and entrepreneurial enterprise. Today, Morgan Dollars are among the most colorful and treasured relics of the old American Wild West.

Finest Known Exclusive

The Finest Known Morgan Dollar Mint Collection comes in matching NGC certified “Genuine” holders with retro Black Core inserts, and American Flag Collector Labels, featuring Morgan’s Lady Liberty.
The first coins graded by NGC in 1987, came in black plastic slabs with the NGC logo on the front (obverse) and Grade certification on the back (reverse). A Marketing Consultant believed that keeping the company name in front of the customer was more important than the coin information. Even though the Black Core made silver coins pop, gold and copper coins paled in comparison, so both the Consultant and Black Cores were quickly retired… and the rest is history.
In celebrating its 25th anniversary, NGC introduced a special limited-edition Retro Holder, which continues to be used for select programs today. Finest Known is the Exclusive Distributor of the official Morgan Dollar Collection Black Core and Liberty Label series.


The 5-Piece Morgan Mint Instant Collection

The Morgan Dollar Mint Collection includes the First Date, 1878-S (San Francisco) Issue, and Last Date 1921-D (Denver) issue, and select coins from the Philadelphia, New Orleans (O), and Carson City (CC) Mints. All coins are NGC certified “Genuine,” ranging in grades AU and under. The coins are safely sealed in tamper-proof acrylic holders with Black Core coin inserts, and American Flag Morgan Liberty Collector Labels. Your Morgan Mint Collection is safely shipped insured at no additional charge. 

Finest Known Morgan Black Core Collections Pricing

The Morgan 5-Coin Mint Set: One Morgan from each of the five U.S. Mints $390.

 The Morgan 28-Coin Date Set: One Morgan for every year struck $1,965.

 The Morgan 95-Coin Complete Set: One issue of every Morgan Dollar $19,500.

*Strictly limited to one set per family household.  |  *Includes Free Insured Shipping.


CC Mintmark

The Carson City Mintmark is the only Double Mintmark issued by the U.S. Mint, with only 13 issues of Morgan Dollars ever struck with the coveted “CC” Mintmark. The Carson City Mint was created to facilitate minting of silver coins from the vast silver deposits in Nevada’s Comstock Lode. Morgan Dollars with the desirable “CC” mintmark were only minted from 1878 to 1893, with just 13 coins in the series. This short set is a fun and historic set to assemble with collectors, who appreciate the grit and romance of the Old Wild West.

Blank vintage poster nailed on a white wood board panel

Free Carson City Morgan Dollar Book

Purchase a Mint State 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar and receive a FREE copy of Adam Crum’s Carson City Morgan Dollars, 4th Edition ($24.95 value).  This hardback book is filled with compelling historical accounts in full color, with specific resource information on all CC Minted Morgan Dollars, that’s essential for any Morgan Dollar Collector!

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