Cleopatra was said to be beautiful beyond compare and swiftly became the love of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. In fact, it was rumored she was so admired that many could not help falling in love with her while others greatly feared and reviled her. However, no one truly knows what Cleopatra might have looked like and only has speculation to go on based from the stories which have been circulated. The Coins of Cleopatra were created during her reign and are the only evidence we have of what she might have once looked like.

Astonishingly, many were surprised to see that Cleopatra might have not been the classic beauty that many have thought. In fact, many thought the face on the coins were not Cleopatra at all but the face of her father until it was proved otherwise. Yet despite this, it is clear that Cleopatra was greatly admired, whether it was for her looks or for other reasons which might very well have been how intelligent it appeared she truly was. Cleopatra came to power after a failed reign that was the legacy of her father. She made many smart and difficult decisions which won the respect of many.

Unfortunately, one of these decisions was to use base materials for her coins which are the reason so few exist to this day. The ones that do exist are not in good shape but do give us an idea of what Cleopatra once looked like. In addition, it gives us further insight into this remarkable woman and makes these coins coveted even more for what that represent and how they have survived the ravages of time. Although only a few have survived, the ones that have stand as a tribute for this woman.