There have been a number of coins minted with portrait of one of the greatest leaders in the history of our world. Queen Elizabeth I was greatly loved by her people and she helped to usher in a new era of peace which inspired many. Although she was not a fan of military action, and in fact had a painful defeat at the start of her reign, she is nonetheless attributed with one of the greatest victories in the history of the United Kingdom. Many depict her as marvelous, and helped to inspire drama, education, and hope for the future.

Although some believe her to be short-tempered, considering what a monarch has to at times put up with this is completely understandable. The coinage of Queen Elizabeth I can be found throughout the world in many different countries due to the influence and power that the United Kingdom held over the rest of the world. Many locations around the world were also named for Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, who was another popular queen. However, some of the most notable coins come from 1584 which was a hammered 6 pence and which are now quite rare and very valuable.

Although Queen Elizabeth I has her face on many coins due to how popular she was as a monarch, it is her legacy that lives on, standing proud. There are also other famous silver coins which have been minted with her image and have become quite rare, as many private collectors have been seeking them for some time in the hopes of adding them to their collections. Yet despite this, a number of museums have been lucky enough to obtain several of these coins where they are now on display as a tribute to this individual.