Eureka Bar


The mammoth California Gold Rush monetary instrument which was hand-made of gold is the single most valuable item recovered from the “Greatest Treasure Ever Found”, the Ship of Gold.

The giant 80-pound Assay Gold Ingot is famously known as the “Eureka bar.” This unique monetary document has an 1857 face value of $17,433.57 and is literally a currency document made of California Gold Rush GOLD.

Adam Crum, Finest Known’s President, holding the Eureka Bar 21 years apart

The Eureka Bar last sold in 2001 for $8 million dollars, a record for a numismatic item at the time.

The Eureka Bar has been called one of America’s National Treasures. The return to the market after being hidden away for over two decades is an exciting event for sure. The Eureka Bar will be available for sale in a Fractional Ownership offering in 2024. Before the offering goes live, the Eureka Bar will be toured around the world through several major venues before finding a long-term home in a museum, for future generations to admire and enjoy.

An Era That Defined Our Nation
Gold Rush Created a Global Economic Boom.
National Wealth Accelerated Rapidly.
Mass Migration of People from Around the World
California Becomes a State.
Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.
The First $20 Gold Double Eagle
Sinking of the SS Central America
The sinking triggers the Panic of 1857 on Wall Street

In today’s market, unique collectibles with significant historical provenance can capture tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars. The value of old master paintings, sports collectibles, trading cards, and even valuable rare coins, depends solely on the historical value placed upon them by enthusiastic collectors and investors.

Often, collectibles have little to zero intrinsic monetary value, unlike the Eureka Bar, which is a unique financial document with incomparable provenance and historical significance, made of intrinsically valuable solid gold… A universally recognized element that has been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years.

The Eureka Bar
• Recovered from the “Ship of Gold”
• Largest Cal Gold Rush Artifact
• 1857 Assayer, Kellogg & Humbert
• Serial No. 1003
• 933.34 oz of California Gold
• Gold Fineness .903 Fine
• 1857 Value of $17,433.57

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