New Orleans in the Civil War era was a city of intrigue, mystery and changing fortunes – a story nicely illustrated by the beleaguered branch of the U.S. Mint. The New Orleans Mint was under Union control until the State of Louisiana and then the Confederacy took over at the onset of the Civil War in 1861.

Each of the three governments struck the Liberty Seated Half Dollar, the only U.S. coin made by three different governments. Until the discovery of sunken treasure there was no way to tell the three coins apart. Ironically, these very silver half dollars mysteriously made their way to New York during the Civil War. At the conclusion of the war in 1865 they were sent to New Orleans for economic recovery efforts aboard the SS Republic which sank en route, creating an unlikely time-capsule. Without this amazing set of circumstances it may never have been possible to identify the three different coins.

The exciting story is told with the amazing three coin treasure set which features coins struck in Philadelphia, and both the “Louisiana State Issue” and the “Confederate States Issue.”Amazingly, all three were recovered from the 1865 shipwreck of the SS Republic.

Included with this exciting three coin treasure set is a collectible bottle which was also recovered from the shipwreck, as well as a copy of the book, Lost Gold of the Republic, which chronicles the remarkable quest for the greatest shipwreck treasure of the Civil War Era.

Finest Known negotiated the successful acquisition of the last remaining Seated Liberty Half Dollars of 1861 from Odyssey Marine Exploration, the company that performed the amazing recovery, and Finest Known can now offer these exciting coins to collectors who can appreciate the value and history of this incredible era in American History.

The three coins are all certified by NGC and are graded “uncirculated shipwreck effect.” They are all minted in 1861, one in Philadelphia, and two at the New Orleans Mint, one of which is a “Louisiana State Issue” and the other a “Confederate Issue.” As a gift for acquiring all three we are including an antique treasure bottle recovered from 1865 shipwreck site . . . that alone is a $300-$500 value!

The entire four piece set is only $2,950. That is far less than this same set has sold for by other dealers.In fact, the 1861-O Louisiana Issue and the Confederate Issue have sold individually for more than $1450 at recent public auctions, and they are offered individually in far lower quality for $1,495 by other dealers on the internet. Finest Known can offer all three coins in uncirculated condition, AND a treasure bottle and Republic book for only $2,950.

Sets are strictly limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to own multiple pieces from this exciting period of American history.

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