In 2007, a new list of the “Seven Wonders of the World” was created, adding the Colosseum in Rome to the list for the first time. The Colosseum was started by his father but completed under Titus. This iconic landmark tells the story of the days of the gladiator and is frequented by millions of visitors annually. Today, it is one of the most iconic global landmarks and the grand symbol of ancient Rome.

Titus was the son of Vespasian and was the first son of a “Twelve Caesar” to rule. As the second emperor of the Flavian Dynasty, Titus gained immense notoriety as a military commander serving under his father in the First Jewish-Roman War. After ruling for just two short years, Titus fell ill and died, ostensibly of natural causes.

Despite his short reign as emperor, Titus struck many coins as Caesar under his father, which makes it possible to acquire a gold, silver or copper coin of this good-natured emperor at a reasonable price.