Tiberius was the stepson of Augustus and was known as a dark and reclusive ruler. He is most famous for reigning during the time of Christ’s crucifixion. Tiberius is known for his conservative growth of the Empire, generally avoiding smaller military confrontations with neighboring tyrants.

The coinage of Tiberius has become synonymous with the Bible, as it is believed by many that the silver denarius of Tiberius, The Biblical Tribute Penny, was the motivation for the “Render unto Caesar…” speech from the King James version of the Gospel. Tiberius struck relatively few portrait bronzes, but issued silver and gold in large quantities. In 37 A.D. he fell ill and slowly he began dying. It is believed by some that Caligula ended Tiberius’ life short upon hearing the news of his slow death. Crowds are reported to have rejoiced at word of his death.

Demand for these coins are fueled by his notoriety as an emperor, as well as because more than two billion Christians around the world are at least somewhat familiar with his reign during the time of Christ.