Claudius was nephew to Caligula and was widely thought to have been involved in a broad conspiracy to murder his uncle since he left the scene of the crime just before it began. However, after Caligula’s wife and daughter were murdered he knew the conspirators were after him as well. He began the largest expansion of the Roman Empire since the time of Augustus and began the conquest of the British Isles. Historical accounts depict him as a well-rounded Emperor. His public works, military efforts, and presence at public trials trump the accounts of some historians of the bloodthirsty and cruel Gladiator patron. Ambiguity about his death remains. Some historians believe he was poisoned while others believe he died of old age.

Much like Caligula, the coins of Claudius are always in demand. His silver and gold coins are rare and hard to find; thus, most buyers seek portrait bronzes for their collection.