This Amazing 60 Minute Video is Narrated by Charlton Heston, Features Shipwreck Treasure from the SS Central America, Known as “The Ship of Gold.”

SS Central America Coins | Shipwreck Treasure & Coins
Finest Known offers a nice selection of certified SS Central America coins for sale, which are exceptional numismatic artifacts with a deep history. In 1857, the elegant side-wheel steamer SS Central America was bound for New York, carrying 578 hardy souls and more than two tons of gold dust, nuggets, coins, and assayer ingots from the California Gold Rush. The ship never made port, sinking in a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas in 8,000 feet of the deep blue sea. The loss has been described as the greatest economic catastrophe in all of U.S. maritime history, triggering the Panic of 1857, a severe recession, and a deep depression.