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Over the last 20 years, Adam Crum, Finest Known’s President, and Former Vice President for Monaco Rare Coins, has become a familiar figure on television, sharing his experience and recommendations on Rare Coins, Shipwreck Treasure, Civil War Gold, Money of the Bible… and of course, his best-selling “Twenty Plus One, Morgan Dollar Instant Collection,” that has inspired thousands of Americans to begin collecting rare coins.

As Seen on TV

Finest Known is proud to announce the return of the Morgan Dollar 20+1 Instant Collection, containing twenty different dates, and/or mintmarks ranging from 1878- 1921, all in Mint State 63 choice uncirculated condition certified by NGC and PCGS.

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Morgan Dollar 20+1 Instant Collection

America’s Love Affair

The Morgan Silver Dollar is America’s most collected coin, with a rich history that was born out of the old Wild West. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904, and once again in 1921 before retiring as America’s most popular coin. These big, beautiful silver dollars conjure up images of cowboys and saloon poker games, outlaws and stagecoach robberies, casino slot machines and honky-tonks of the past. Born out of the rich silver mines of Nevada that turned small mining camps into large bustling cities full of promise and entrepreneurial enterprise. Today, Morgan Dollars are among the most colorful and treasured relics of the old American Wild West. Hold History In Your Hands and Enjoy the Morgan Memories of what these Silver Dollars Represent!

20+1 Instant Collection

This is a beautifully matched set of bright white silver coins certified Mint State 63, could take months to assemble, but Finest Known numismatists have carefully assembled, a beautiful selection of hand-picked Morgan Dollars for this special 20+1 offer.

In addition to this carefully assembled starter set, we will include a 21st Morgan Dollar graded MS63 ($65 value), and the best-selling Morgan Dollar book, by Miles Standish, with Forward by Adam Crum, ($30 value), Absolutely FREE as our gift to you to begin your journey toward completing your Morgan Dollar set!

A $95 Value – Absolutely FREE!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your 20-coin set, then return it for a full refund, no questions asked, and keep the 21st coin and book as our gift.