Gold Double Eagles, 20 Dollar Gold Pieces

Double Eagles are U.S. $20 gold coins, which served as currency in the United States from 1850 to 1933.  Born out of the Gold Rush, these big beautiful one-ounce gold coins were the largest circulating U.S. coin. Gold Liberty Head Double Eagles were minted over a period of six decades until 1907 when President Theodore Roosevelt decided to reform America’s coinage into works of art with the minting of the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.  This ended in 1933 when his fifth cousin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, signed the Gold Recall Act (Executive Order 6102) which made it illegal to own gold.

Double Eagle Series

There are four Type Coins in the Double Eagle Series. Finest Known specializes in Type-I Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles, minted from 1850-1866, in an era that defined our nation, from the Gold Rush through the Civil War.  Type-II issues (1866-1877) with the motto “In God We Trust,” and Type-III gold (1877-1907) with the denomination “Twenty Dollars,” are also popular choices. The fourth Type is the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1933) is considered the most beautiful coin in the world and is highly prized as it appeals to both collectors and investors alike.  Double Eagles are by far the most recognizable collectors’ coins in the world, and Finest Known has one of the largest and finest inventories available.

Collecting Double Eagles

There are a variety of ways in which to collect the Double Eagle series.  Many issues are available in lower grades making it attainable to build sets on a budget.  However, there are several truly rare dates that appeal to the advanced collector with the financial resources to complete a high-grade set. There are many popular and interesting ways to assemble a $20 Gold piece collection, whether you are a new novice or an advanced collector. Basic Double Eagle collections include collecting Type Coins, by Mint, by Year, by Die Variety, Collecting Proofs, or assembling a complete set.

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Collecting Double Eagles