Buried deep inside European Bank Vaults was one of the most exciting hoards I have seen in my 30 years in the trenches trading rare United States gold coins. These 150 year old Type II $20 gold coins have been safely tucked away for over a century.

The 1873 $20 gold coin is the most common of its variety, but in mint-state, the 1873 issue is scarce, as are all Type II $20 gold coins. Choice examples are quite rare and seldom available, and cost in excess of $10,000 in today’s market.

This amazing discovery represents a tangible artifact of the “boom and bust” time in American economic and political history known as the Gilded Age of American Ingenuity.

The 1873 $20 gold coins offered here are graded and certified by PCGS in Mint-State-61. Each coin is priced well below leading online price guides AND recent auction prices realized.

With gold on the rise again, these big gold tangible assets appear to be an excellent store of value and hedge against current economic and political uncertainties.

Again these hefty $20 Type II Liberty gold coins are almost 150 years old and priced at only $1,938. Compare this offering to current published prices and you’ll agree…this is an absolute “No Brainer!”

Current PCGS online price guide is $2,145 and the 2017 auction high is $2,350. So don’t hesitate, because at our low price of only $1,938…they simply won’t last.

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